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Arjuna shoots an arrow into the eye of a fish. Issued by India Post to commemorate the 1982 Asian Games

Wayang Kulit puppet of Krishna. Issued by Indonesia, 2010

Wayang Kulit puppet of Arjuna. Issued by Indonesia, 2010

Balarama avtaar of Krishna. Part of the Jayadeva-Geetagovida series. Issued by India, 2008

The characters of the Kathakali performance Kiratham chapter of the Mahabharata. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi preside over Arjuna

Krishna on the right, holding a flute

A scene from Jasarandha Vadham episode. Above: the character of Jasarandha

Another scene from the Jasarandha Vadham

Krishna shows his vishwaroppa on the battlefield

An angry Bhima looks for Dusshasana

"the curtain goes up"


Kirmeera Vadham: When Krishna uses the Sudarshan chakra to destroy the Kaurava clan

Musicians involved in a Kathakali performance

The main percussion for kathakali: the maddalam

Joyce Birkenstock's paintings of Kathakali actors

Kathakali makeup chart

Some mudras (hand gestures) from Kathakali

by Raja Ravi Verma

Amar Chitra Katha illustration (?)

in Amar Chitra Katha (?)

Another rendition by Raja Ravi Verma

Folk painting in the Madhubani style

Folk painting in the Patachitra style

Inspired advertising

Toilet paper designed by Design Temple

The Pandavas and Panchali

Duryodhana vs. Bhima

Duryodhana vs. Bhima


The Pandavas in full regalia

Krishna with Radha (?)


Dice Game - Episode 01

Dice Game - Duryodhana mocks Yudhishtira

Nala Damyanti

Krishna comes as ambassador to the Kaurava court

Draupadi being harassed by Keechaka

Draupadi dragged into the Kaurava court

Draupadi dreads meeting Keechaka

Shantanu and Matsyagandha

Arjuna and Subhadra

A Temple to Duryodhana in Osal, Uttarkashi

Kathakali style: Duryodhana

Kathakali style: Arjuna

Kathakali stlye: Krishna

Kathakali style: Dusshasana